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Watch: Video of baby guinea pigs popcorning

Guinea pigs have their own unique and amazing body language.  One of the most interesting and fun guinea pig behaviors that we see is “popcorning”.  If you’ve ever seen a Mexican jumping bean or how popcorn will suddenly POP into the air, you’ll recognize the movement.   When guinea pigs “popcorn”, they just suddenly leap into the air.  It is sudden, kind of exciting and a lot of fun to watch!

Sometimes the guinea pigs will twist in the air a little bit.  It reminds me a little bit of that skateboarder trick where they jump in the air and twist a little.  Sometimes one of the guinea pig sounds you hear when they popcorn is a squeal – usually followed up with some more popcorning!

Why do guinea pigs popcorn?

If your cavy is popcorning, it’s really happy.  Popcorning is the way they express joy. And guinea pigs of all ages will do it — from baby guinea pigs only a few days old to pretty old guinea pigs.

Does your guinea pig popcorn?  If so, send us a video or photo!

Want to see some baby guinea pigs popcorning?

Here is an adorable video that will make your heart melt!  This video not only does it show guinea pigs but they are baby guinea pigs!   Need we say anything more?  This video was uploaded by a YouTube user named mad4cavies.  According to them:

Dilsey’s babies were less than 2 hours old and seemed happy to be out and about! Watch the brown baby (“Pierre”) popcorn onto his mom’s back at @ 1:03.

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