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Guinea pig bedding: what kind should you choose?

When searching for guinea pig bedding, there are a bunch of things to consider. You want guinea pig bedding that is affordable, absorbent, light weight, readily available, easy to clean, and, most importantly, healthy for your guinea pigs. After the criteria of being healthy is met, there are a number of types of guinea pig bedding that you can choose from depending on what you want.

Here are some of the many options you have for guinea pig bedding.  which will not harm your guinea pig along with information that can help you make your decision.

Aspen Wood Shavings

  • Health information: Aspen shavings are safe for guinea pig as guinea pig bedding
  • Cost: $1.50/pound
  • Absorbency: Aspen shavings can absorb up to four times its own weight
  • Odor Control: Aspen shavings have great odor control
  • Weight: Aspen shavings are light weight
  • Availability: While it can be tough to find in large quantities, you can find aspen wood shavings at most local pet stores or order them online
  • Ease of cleaning: Fairly easy to clean out using a scoop to remove only the guinea pig bedding that’s been peed or pooped on. By only cleaning out the used bedding, it will last a lot longer
  • More information: There are a number of types of wood shavings that are not safe for guinea pigs and other small animals. However, because aspen doesn’t contain the toxic oils that other shavings like pine and cedar do, it is safe for guinea pigs. It also is 99.9% dust-free which means there’s no dust particles that can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract of guinea pigs

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CareFresh Pet Bedding

  • Health information: CareFresh is safe for guinea pigs
  • Cost: $0.50/pound
  • Absorbency: CareFresh is very absorbent
  • Odor Control: CareFresh has great odor control
  • Weight:  Carefresh is light weight
  • Availability: You can find CareFresh in most local pet stores, and you can order it online including on this website
  • Ease of cleaning: CareFresh is easy to clean by simply removing the used guinea pig bedding
  • More Information: This is one of the most popular types of pet beddings because it is safe, soft, and super absorbent. It is also dust-free and hypoallergenic, so it is safe for guinea pigs and other small animals. CareFresh guinea pig bedding is made from recycled paper, so you’re also helping the environment. Additionally, it comes in several varieties and even different colors depending on your preferences

Cell-Sorb Plus

  • Health information: Cell-Sorb Plus is safe for guinea pigs
  • Cost: $0.50/pound
  • Absorbency: Cell-Sorb Plus is highly absorbent, about four times as much as wood shavings
  • Odor Control: Cell-Sorb Plus is great at odor control
  • Weight: Cell-Sorb is heavier than other beddings
  • Availability: Cell-Sorb Plus can be found in most local pet stores and can be ordered online
  • Ease of cleaning: It is just as easy to clean out as other types of bedding when a scoop is used. Plus, because it is highly absorbent, it lasts longer than other beddings
  • More Information: This is one of the most absorbent beddings available, so if absorption properties are high on your priority list, you should try Cell-Sorb Plus. It is so absorbent that it will even dry out feces. It is this that also gives it its superb odor-controlling properties
Guinea pig dozing off on guinea pig bedding
Guinea pig dozing off on guinea pig bedding

Kiln-Dried Pine Shavings

  • Health information: Kiln-dried pine shavings are considered by most experts to be safe for guinea pigs
  • Cost: $0.60/pound
  • Absorbency: Pine shavings are moderately absorbent
  • Odor Control: Pine shavings are moderately good at odor control
  • Weight: Pine shavings are lightweight
  • Availability: They are readily available in large quantities in pet stores or online
  • Ease of cleaning: Cleaning pine shavings is similar to other wood shavings. Simply use a scoop to remove used guinea pig bedding. However, because pine shavings are not as absorbent as other beddings and do not control odor as well which means it has to be cleaned out significantly more often than other beddings
  • More Information: There is a lot of debate in the pet world about the safety of pine. Although kiln-dried pine is considered to be safe because they don’t have the toxic oils that are present in air-dried pine. However, there is still debate over kiln-dried pine because it is not dust-free. Dust is an irritant for both guinea pigs and humans that clean out the cages

Wood Pellets

  • Health information: 100% wood pellets that have not been treated with any type of accelerant are considered to be safe for guinea pigs
  • Cost: $0.15/pound
  • Absorbency: Wood pellets are moderately absorbent
  • Odor Control: Wood pellets are moderately effective for odor control
  • Weight: Wood pellets are very heavy
  • Availability: Wood pellets can usually be found in large quantities at most hardware stores
  • Ease of cleaning: Can be a lot messier than other types of bedding because it dissolves into sawdust when it gets wet, which settles to the bottom and makes for a difficult clean up. It does, however, last a bit longer than wood shavings or paper-based beddings
  • More Information: The most important thing to be sure of when choosing wood pellets is that they are 100% wood. These wood pellets are usually used in wood pellet stoves, so many of them have accelerants added to them to make them burn faster. Many guinea pig owners do not like the wood pellets because they dissolve into sawdust when wet. Although it typically settles on the bottom and is not a problem, some owners would argue that any sawdust is bad for guinea pigs. Another thing to note when considering wood pellets is that they are a hard and can be rough on sensitive guinea pig feet, so they should be mixed with aspen or CareFresh to avoid causing foot problems

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Carefresh Natural Premium Guinea Pig Bedding

  • Health information: Carefresh Natural Premium is safe as guinea pig bedding
  • Cost: $0.50/pound
  • Absorbency: It’s is a great absorber – it absorbs 3x it’s weight!
  • Odor Control: Carefresh Natural Premium is great for odor control
  • Weight: It is lightweight
  • Availability: You can find Carefresh Natural Premium in many local pet stores or you can order it online on this website
  • Ease of cleaning: It is as easy to clean as wood shaving and other paper-based guinea pig beddings
  • More Information: Carefresh Natural Premium is made of short-fiber pulp that can’t be turned into paper



The following products are dangerous for your guinea pig, so do not use them as guinea pig bedding. They are included on this list as a warning, and we have included information under each to explain the dangers. If you are currently using any of these guinea pig beddings, you should make a switch as soon as possible to any of the beddings listed above.

Cedar and Pine Shavings

  • Cedar is toxic to guinea pigs. A story from one guinea pig owner reported that her two healthy guinea pigs died within a week of switching to cedar shavings as guinea pig bedding. These shavings contain oils from the wood that are toxic to guinea pigs and should be avoided at all cost
  • Pine shavings are also toxic to guinea pigs because of the oils in them, and can do a lot of damage to delicate eyes and noses with the high amount of dust that is present with the bedding. They also do not absorb moisture very well which can easily lead to a strong build-up of ammonia in the cage

Corn Cob

  • There are a number of reasons that corn cob should not be used as bedding for guinea pigs. The biggest problems occur when the guinea pig eats some of the bedding and then drinks water. The corn cob pellets do not break down in the guinea pig’s digestive system. Instead, they swell up with water and cause intestinal blockages

Guinea pig bedding: other considerations

When choosing a bedding for your guinea pig, be sure to take everything into consideration when looking at a bedding so that you find something that works best for both you and your guinea pig. It’s also important to keep in mind that while some types of bedding may appear to be cheaper, the amount that has to be used is greater which means it actually ends up being more expensive. For example, the cheapest one per pound is wood pellets but because they are so dense, it takes nearly four times as many wood pellets to cover the bottom of a cage as Aspen or CareFresh.

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251 guinea pig names

guinea pig names

Need some inspiration to pick a really great guinea pig name? Are you looking for  guinea pig names that are as pretty as you know your new cavy pets will be? From romantic names to classic and old-fashioned names, take a look at our selection of 251 guinea pig names.  Sometimes you need to spend some time getting to know your new pet before you pick the right guinea pig name, but sometimes you see a name and know instantly that it’s the perfect fit.

Which is your favorite guinea pig name?  Want to add a name to this list?  Let us know here or on our Facebook page!

  1. Acorn
  2. Alexis
  3. Alvin
  4. Andre
  5. Apple
  6. Aries
  7. Asia
  8. Baboo
  9. Bagel
  10. Barclay
  11. Barney
  12. Beck
  13. Betsy
  14. Beyonce 

  15. Billy
  16. Birdie
  17. Biscuit
  18. Blanca
  19. Bobby
  20. Bodie
  21. Bono
  22. Booboo
  23. Bootsie
  24. Brando
  25. Brandy
  26. Bronco
  27. Bubbles

  28. Buffy
  29. Burt
  30. Butler
  31. Button
  32. Calvin
  33. Candy
  34. Carol
  35. Carter
  36. Cece
  37. Chandler
  38. Chaucer
  39. Chevy
  40. China
  41. Chloe
  42. Chocolate
  43. ChooChoo
  44. Cisco
  45. Claire
  46. Cleopatra
  47. Coco
  48. Connor
  49. Cosmo
  50. Crosby
  51. Cupcake
  52. Daisy
  53. Dallas
  54. Daphne
  55. Delilah
  56. Diva
  57. Doc
  58. Domino
  59. Donna
  60. Donovan
  61. Dutch
  62. Ebony
  63. Ed
  64. Elton
  65. Elwood
  66. Ernie
  67. Faith

  68. Fanny
  69. Felix
  70. Fig
  71. Fiona
  72. Foxy
  73. Fritz
  74. Fulton
  75. G-Pig

  76. Giblet
  77. Gibson
  78. Ginny
  79. Goofy
  80. Graysen
  81. Greyfur
  82. Heather
  83. Hershey
  84. Holly
  85. Honey
  86. Hudson
  87. Hutch
  88. Iggy
  89. Indira
  90. Iris
  91. Isabella
  92. Ivory
  93. Jade
  94. Jasmine
  95. Jason
  96. Jasper
  97. Jeeves
  98. Jenna
  99. Joy
  100. Kai
  101. Kallista
  102. Karen
  103. Kassie
  104. Kaya
  105. Keanna
  106. Keesha
  107. Keiko
  108. Kiefer
  109. Kim
  110. Kingston
  111. Kona
  112. Laguna
  113. Laika
  114. Landon
  115. Larissa
  116. Lefty
  117. Leia
  118. Lexi
  119. Lil’ Pig

  120. Lilypie
  121. Linus
  122. Logan
  123. Lola
  124. Lucky
  125. Lucy
  126. Madonna
  127. Mable
  128. Malibu
  129. Margo
  130. Marshmallow
  131. Marti
  132. Max
  133. Maya
  134. Meadow
  135. Mercy
  136. Merlot
  137. Merry
  138. Mia
  139. Michelle
  140. Midnight
  141. Mika
  142. Milan
  143. Mira
  144. Mischa
  145. Mitzi
  146. Moby
  147. Mochi
  148. Monet
  149. Monkey

  150. Moonbeam
  151. Mozart
  152. Mr Big
  153. Muggles
  154. Mulder
  155. Mulligan
  156. Murphy
  157. Mylo
  158. Nanda
  159. Nate
  160. Nell
  161. New York
  162. Nico
  163. Noodle
  164. Nugget
  165. Olivia
  166. Onyx
  167. Otis
  168. Owen
  169. Ozzie
  170. Paddington
  171. Paisley
  172. Paris
  173. Parker
  174. Paulie
  175. Pazzo
  176. Peanut
  177. Pearl
  178. Pepe
  179. Pepper
  180. Persia
  181. Piggy
  182. Phoenix
  183. Picasso
  184. Pinot
  185. Pipsqueek
  186. Pixie
  187. Porche
  188. Porky
  189. Quattro
  190. Ramona
  191. Redford
  192. Reece
  193. Rico
  194. Robin Hood
  195. Rocco
  196. Rocky
  197. Romeo
  198. Roxy
  199. Rufus
  200. Rusty
  201. Scotty
  202. Scout
  203. Shadow
  204. Shaggy
  205. Shane
  206. Shaq
  207. Sheba
  208. Silas
  209. Skip
  210. Skitty
  211. Skyler
  212. Smitty
  213. Snooky
  214. Snoopy
  215. Snow

  216. Spark
  217. Sprite
  218. Stitch
  219. Starsky
  220. Sugar

  221. Summer
  222. Sunny
  223. Sushi
  224. Sweetpea
  225. Syrah
  226. Tallulah
  227. Tango
  228. Tank
  229. Tanner
  230. Tatertot
  231. Theo
  232. Tibbs
  233. Timber
  234. Tink
  235. Toast
  236. Toffee
  237. Tom Tom
  238. Tonka
  239. Vegas
  240. Victoria
  241. Wilbur
  242. Willow
  243. Winnie
  244. Wolfie
  245. Yoshiko
  246. Zach
  247. Zara
  248. Zeke
  249. Zelda
  250. Zeppelin
  251. Zeus

Let us know which guinea pig name you like best – and which you picked!