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Kaytee Timothy Hay for guinea pigs – a review

Timothy hay – it ain’t just for horses!

Contrary to popular belief, hay isn’t just for horses.  Your guinea pigs need more than just food pellets, they need something else to help them complete their diets just like humans need more than one source of food.  If all your guinea pig eats is pellets they may not be either to maintain proper digestion either.  Hay, like the Kaytee Timothy Hay, is also a very convenient option to add to your guinea pig cage.

Kaytee Timothy hay is essential to guinea pig health

Timothy hay is the key to a solid, good guinea pig diet. Timothy hay promotes dental health and proper digestion. A cavy’s teeth grows constantly throughout its life. To prevent your guinea pig’s teeth from growing too long and causing major health issues, the teeth need to be worn down. This is done by chewing. This is why your guinea pigs spend so much time nibbling and chewing on things. Hay is perfect for this because it is actually really rough, kind of like sandpaper (you can learn more about this at The Rabbit House blog)

The many flavors of Kaytee Timothy Hay

Kaytee Timothy Hay comes in a variety of options, most commonly the hay is found in a standard bagged package.  Other options include: tubes, cubes, and treats.

Kaytee Timothy offers a wide variety of hay products. Some of them include

  • the plain hay [product id=”771″]
  • a version that includes Marigold flowers
  • a fortified version
  • a version with apple sticks

If you’re confused about which one to order, start off with the plain hay. You can also order two versions to see which your guinea pigs like best.

Flavored hay that contains dried fruit sounds good to us and our cavies will love the taste! But the fruit that is added to the hay is dried and that means that it can contain a lot of sugar. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy flavored hay but it is best saved for times that your guinea pigs deserve a nice treat. These hays shouldn’t be fed more than twice a week and make sure not to feed too much.

There also is a ‘short-cut’ version of Kaytee Timothy Hay by Kaytee. These pieces range from around 4 – 6 inches in length. This short cut make it easier to handle the hay without spilling it all over the place. It is so much easier to get the timothy hay out of the bag without accidentally taking out half of  the bag.

guinea pigs eating hay
guinea pigs eating hay – Kaytee Timothy hay will keep your guinea pig healthy and happy

Kaytee Timothy Hay should be fresh

Hay is a packaged good that can expire so you should always make sure that the package that you are buying is fresh.  Fresh hay will have a nice, green color.  If hay is brown and/or dried out that you shouldn’t buy it either.  Without being fresh, hay runs the risk of being moldy and it for sure will lose its nutritional value.  Your guinea pigs are smart and if the hay isn’t fresh they probably won’t eat it.

Tips on how to feed fresh Kaytee Timothy Hay to your pet

While you can certainly can just add timothy hay to your cavy’s cage, why not make things more interesting for your pet and create a rewarding game? Put the timothy hay into a toilet paper roll or another object in the guinea pig cage that will require your cavy to dig it out. This is closer to how most guinea pigs would normally find their food in the wild.  It might sound strange but most pets will feel happier working for their food!

Kaytee Timothy Hay is rated very highly but some experts say that they would rate it higher if the company didn’t sell the riff-raff versions.

Some good things about the Kaytee Timothy Hay

  • All natural
  • High fiber
  • Essential to your guinea pig’s dental and digestive health
  • It’s chemical free
  • Made in the USA
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Guinea pig igloo: Review of the Kaytee Super Pet Guinea Pig Igloo

Guinea Pig Igloos will help your pet feel safe and secure

A safe and secure hideaway is one of the most important and basic needs of your guinea pig regardless of its guinea pig breed. Guinea pigs can be active both night and day, but for times when they become nervous and may be a little startled or scared, they need a safe hideout.  A Guinea Pig Igloo is the perfect hideout in their playpen that they can run into to feel safe.

The Guinea Pig Igloo like the one by Kaytee Super Pet is definitely one of the best options. It’s lightweight, convenient, and is available in many different sizes to fit your cavy. You can simply place your furry little friend inside the Guinea Pig Igloo and watch as she (or he) makes itself right at home. Guinea pigs love their Guinea pig Igloos so much so that they oftentimes move things inside. Sometimes they drag Timothy hay or their favorite guinea pig toy inside the igloo so they can munch or play while relaxing inside their hideout spot.

This hideaway is also great for sleeping in or sitting on top of as if they’re the king (or queen) of the jungle!

Guinea Pig Igloos will give your piggy some alone time

Guinea pigs are social creatures, but like people, sometimes they just want to be alone in their own room in their guinea pig cage. The Guinea Pig Igloo gives them this private space and, since it’s made of clear plastic, you can still see them and tell if they’re just hanging out and relaxing or maybe even have fallen asleep!

Some good things about the Guinea Pig Igloo

  • Easy to access your pet: In case you would like to get to your cavy, simply lift up the Guinea Pig Igloo and viola! Your pet will have their own little space in which to feel safe, yet it also offers you easy access to them.
  • Good space: Despite the fact that the entry to the Super Pet Igloo is small, the inside area is pretty huge for the animal.
  • Ventilation: It contains air holes in the roof to support air circulation. This means that your furry little creature gets adequate ventilation and doesn’t get too hot.
  • Long-lasting shelter: The Guinea Pig Igloo is durable and supports a good amount of use and misuse. Some pocket pets like to munch, so they’ll ruin it sooner or later, but the majority of them will take months, or even years, before you need to replace this hideaway.
  • Easy to Clean: Sometimes piggies can be a little messy and pee on their hideaways. Luckily the Guinea Pig Igloo is manufactured from easy-to-clean plastic. When it sets out to get messy, simply scrub it using hot water to restore it to good condition.

Some not-so-good things about the Guinea Pig Igloo

  • It’s lightweight: this is actually a good thing, but a few guinea pigs might take advantage of this hideaway’s low weight and decide it’s more fun to flip it over than to nap in it.  Some guinea pigs do this by ‘popcorning’ in it. This may be fun to watch!
Guinea pig igloo flipped over. As much fun as when it's not flipped over!
Guinea pig igloo flipped over. As much fun as when it’s not flipped over!

Where can I buy the Guinea Pig Igloo? How many should I get?

You can get this guinea pig cage accessory right here on Guinea Pig Heaven!

[product id=”29″]

If your animals get along well, you may find a way to manage with only one igloo that is big enough inside for both creatures. Otherwise, buy two of them in size ‘Medium’ when you have the space. This will help you avoid any conflicts if they end up arguing over who can be in there alone.

Keep in mind that, when you purchase a cage, make sure that you buy the biggest possible model. Or else, think about building your own cage to give your furry friends enough space to roam. Big cages also allow you to add two or more guinea pig igloos and other toys like the Edible Activity Log.

[product id=”261″]

Do you have a Guinea Pig Igloo?  How do your guinea pigs like it? Let us know!

photo credits: Joey Yee and Sarah Bell on Flickr

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C&C cages: one of the most popular types of guinea pig cages

C&C cages are one of the most popular types of guinea pig cages on the market today.  What makes them so popular?

C&C guinea pig cages: what’s in the name?

C&C cages were first created several years ago by a well-respected guinea pig rescue organization in the U.S.  The cage style was created out of the need to inexpensively house the large number of guinea pigs that were coming into the rescue.  The name “C&C” comes from the two key materials used to create the cage: Coroplast and Cubes.

Coroplast is a brand name for a type of corrugated plastic.  However, because the brand has been so successful, the name “Coroplast” is used generically to refer to all corrugated plastic (similar to how people ask for a “Kleenex” instead of “facial tissue” or say they want to make a “Xerox” of something instead of a “photocopy”).  The Coroplast is used for the the litter pan at the bottom of the C&C cages. This is because it is waterproof, urine-proof and won’t be harmed by water or cleaning agents like vinegar or detergents. It’s also non-toxic and and indigestible, which is good to know as guinea pigs sometimes chew on it.

The Cubes are the wire square units that you typically see in stores used to display apparel, shoes or other items. These units are modular and interlock in a variety of positions.

Features and Benefits of  C&C Cages

  • Spacious Habitat  – The cages come in a variety of sizes and custom sizes can be ordered. The 2 x 3 C&C cage is roughly the size of the Midwest Interactive Guinea Habitat Plus cage
  • Customizable – you can connect cages and even place them on top of each other
  • Easy set up – these guinea pig cages can be set up in seconds rather than minutes by anyone
  • Divider Panel – A divider panel can be added if you need to separate your guinea pigs.
  • Coroplast bottom  – The solid floor is good for your cavy’s sensitive feet. Also, it won’t be damaged by water, urine or cleaning supplies.
You can also make a C&C cages
You can also make a C&C cages

Any Negatives About C&C Cages?

The primary criticism that a few customers have had about with C&C cages is that the larger the cage gets, the harder it is to move the cage or travel with it. (Note that a larger cage is a plus for your guinea pig!)  So, if you are planning a vacation, it will be more difficult to move the full cage to a relative or friend’s house for guinea pig sitting.

Also, since it’s a larger cage, it’s a harder to do a thorough cleaning. Some find it more difficult to clean and also say that it uses much more bedding than other cages, which can make things more expensive. Fleece helps with these issues.

C&C Cages: Assembly Video if you want to create your own

Here’s a video that walks you through how to create your own C&C cages for your guinea pigs

Want to buy C&C cages?

C&C cages are not available on this website but can be found at the Guinea Pig Cage Store.

Want some guinea pig cage ideas?

Visit our Guinea Pig Heaven Pinterest board!


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Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat: don’t wait to read the review

guinea pig cage

There are guinea pig cages and then there are guinea pig CAGES. The Midwest Interactive Guinea Habitat is one of the bestselling types of cages and it’s one of the types you can find on this website.  It’s made by the largest manufacturer of homes for pets in America, an established company that has been producing cages for nearly a century.  In this review, we will review some of the key features and benefits of this cage.

Guinea pig cage galore

The Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus cage is the #1 best selling guinea pig cage on It’s also one of the the most highly praised guinea pig cages  At time of writing, it received a 4.6 out of 5 stars average rating from over 1300 customer reviews.  What is it that makes this cage so loved?

Features and Benefits of the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat

  • Spacious Habitat  – with 9 square feet of play area, you can easily house 2-3 guinea pigs.
  • Modular and expandable – This guinea pig cage can be quickly expanded with an addition of a second Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat. So you can create as large custom configuration that fits your cavy’s needs.
  • Multiple Doors – there are multiple doors for you to get your cavy in and out of this guinea pig cage. There are side doors and the wire mesh top can be completely lifted off. This makes things flexible depending on your need.
  • Easy set up – these guinea pig cages can be set up in seconds by nearly anyone.
  • Fold and Carry Configuration – If you need to move your guinea pig cage, this well-designed cage lets you to do this easily.  You simply fold the guinea pig cage down the same way that you set it up, into a compact configuration that you can easily carry by hand to the new guinea pig location.   This guinea pig cage conveniently folds flat for storage & travel.
  • Divider Panel – Sometimes your guinea pigs just aren’t getting along. This divider panel is a must for those times that you need to separate two bickering guinea pigs.  You can easily adjust the space as needed.  The dividing panels that can either be locked in-place or be be used as access ramps so that your cavies can travel between habitats.
  • Leak proof canvas bottom  – The PVC lined canvas bottom is easy to remove and is fully washable. This makes it easy to wash after if your cavy has urinated all over the guinea pig cage or if there is an accidental spillage. The canvas is also good for your cavy’s sensitive feet.
  • Indoor and outdoor use – You can take off the bottom this guinea pig cage and use it outside so your piggies can graze happily!
A Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat, some piggies and two girls

Any Negatives About Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat?

There are very few complaints about this guinea pig cage.  One criticism that a few customers have had about with the Midwest Interactive Guinea Habitat Plus cage has to do with the cage floor.

The bottom is canvas, which means the cage needs to be on a solid and flat object like a wooden table or a your floor. Also, some people have found that the canvas liner is leak proof and doesn’t absorb urine, which means you need something absorbent in the cage to absorb all the extra liquid.

So for a fantastic guinea pig cage that is especially suitable for a family of guinea pigs, you can’t go wrong with the Midwest Interactive Guinea Habitat Plus.

Video: Midwest Guinea pig Habitat unboxing and set up

Here’s a video that gives you a visual demonstration of how to unbox and set up your new Midwest Interactive Guinea Habitat Plus cage. We recommend that you spend the time to watch this short video before setting up your cage. It will save you a lot of time and you will see how quick and effortless it is to set up your guinea pig cage.

Do you have a Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat?

Do you have a Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat cage? Tell us what you think in the Comments section below.

Want to buy a Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat?

If so, we’d be happy to receive your business. Just click on the link below to place your order.

[product id=”17″]

Want some guinea pig cage ideas?

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