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Guinea pig life span

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If a small animal that is easy to care for is something in which you are interested, a guinea pig is the answer. Guinea pigs are small and can live in cages, but are fun to take out of the cage to run around the home or backyard while supervised. They are also cuddly and loving creatures that can be held by even the smallest family members.

The Average Guinea Pig Life Span

The guinea pig life span sits somewhere between five and seven years. The longest living guinea pigs will reach up to 10 years of age. Male guinea pigs tend to live longer than females, though the breed of the guinea pig will be the biggest deciding factor in the life expectancy of a guinea pig.

guinea pig life expectancy

Life span of a few types of g uinea pigs

Peruvian Guinea pigs are longhaired guinea pigs, almost like the Shih Tzu’s of the guinea pig world. Their long and silky mane makes them immediately identifiable from other guineas after they age from being baby guinea pigs. These guinea pigs live around five to seven years on average. Peruvian and Sheltie guinea pigs share the traits of longhaired guinea pigs and a similar life span.

Known as the Skinny pig, this hairless guinea pig breed carries the hairless trait and can have a smooth or wrinkled body. Skinny pigs can live for up to seven years. Baldwin guinea pigs also carry the hairless gene and tend to live a little longer than skinny pigs.

And remember…

The best way to lengthen the lifespan of a guinea pig is to take great care of your pet. Change their food and water often and offer them the proper amount of food daily. Keep the cage clean and free of debris, and allow your guinea to run around to get fresh air and exercise daily for a long life of love with your pet.



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