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Guinea pig playpen: The Ware Pocket Pet Playpen

Ware Pocket Pet Playpen for guinea pigs

Did you know that, despite their size, “pocket pets” like the guinea pig need a lot of room to play?  It helps keep them active and it gives you a chance to have fun too.  Your guinea pig can easily disappear under a couch or into a closet with its door ajar as they can fit where many larger pets can’t get so you you need a solution to help keep your pocket pets from disappearing.  Here is where the Ware Guinea Pig Playpen comes in…

The Ware play pen is the perfect option for guinea pigs of all types and sizes.  It offers enough room for medium to large cavies to play while making it hard for smaller pocket pets to escape.  The pen has a hexagon shape and is made out of powder coded wire.

guinea pig food for three
Have some food in your guinea pig playpen for hungry piggies

Ware Guinea Pig Playpen quickly folds up

The guinea pig playpen even comes fully assembled so all you have to do is open it.  Your pet can be playing in a larger space in minutes instead of frustrating hours.   Once your pet is done you can quickly fold the playpen back up for better storage.  If your pets like to play with water, no need to worry, the playpen is rust-proof and welded together for extra durability.  This means that the Ware playpen is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Connect Ware Guinea Pig Playpens to create extra room

Does your pocket pet need more room to run around?  What’s really cool is that you can buy multiple Ware Pocket Pet Playpens and connect them together in order to create lots of extra room for your cavy.  Your guinea pig will sure be happy as they get to move more than they do in their normal environment.  If that environment happens to be outside you can use the included stakes to give the playpen(s) extra stability while your pocket pets explore.

Having a guinea pig playpen like the Ware one is pretty important because it keeps your pet safe while providing them a place to be themselves, an active animal that needs its exertcise.

Your portable playpen also gives your cavy a chance to experience different environments.  Some pets are curious and as you move the playpen around they will learn about their new environments.  For those that aren’t as curious they will enjoy the different scenery from their normal habitat.

Add guinea pig toys to your Guinea Pig Playpen

Make more out of your guinea pig playpen by adding pet safe items into the environment of the pen.  Toys will allow your pets to experiment and have fun, yes animals can have fun too.  Provide them with treats in order to encourage them to play if you want.  You can also place animal safe foods around the pen to allow them to search for their own food just as if they were in the wild.

Also add a covered area or a hideaway in the space like a Kaytee guinea pig igloo. Guinea pigs love being outside but sometimes want to nap or just feel the safety of an enclosed space, especially if it’s full of tasty Timothy hay.

Jiggy in a guinea pig playpen courtesy of MegCred
Jiggy in a guinea pig playpen courtesy of MegCred

Check the spot where you decide to put your Ware Pocket Pet Playpens

If you are putting your pocket pets in this playpen outside you should also check the area first.  Uneven ground could lead the playpen to not sit completely flush with the ground, allowing your pet a method of escape.  You also want to make sure that you check the area and get rid of anything that could be harmful to your pocket pet such as a sharp rock.

Safety comes before all things, never leave your pocket pet in its guinea pig playpen without being there.  You should be supervising your guinea pig inside.  Pocket pets can be master escape artists and will find ways to get out of many different situations if you don’t keep a close eye on them.

Buy your little pocket pet something to entertain them – give them the gift of a new guinea pig playpen.  They will enjoy it and you’ll enjoy the time you get to spend interacting with your guinea pig and watching them exercising and exploring their new environments.

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